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Welcome! If you found this website, you were guided here. Your soul directed you here to begin a new journey and become the you, you were intended to be.  Emotional Abuse and Narcissistic Abuse specifically, is abuse of the soul.  If someone is emotionally abusive, they are abusing the soul, and our soul is the very essence of who we are. Being in a toxic relationship affects our health and wellbeing on a deep level. You may be experiencing physical symptoms and CPTSD. 

Toxic relationships are just beginning to be understood for what they are. Healing begins with the recognition of the FULL damage done to our mind, body, soul, finances, and career. 

Narcissistic abuse leaves you feeling broken. No matter how much you to try to move on from the past, it haunts you in your dreams, memories, and emotions. 


Because Narcissistic Abuse traumatizes you to your core. Healing from this trauma requires a proven trauma informed approach and a narcissist informed approach.  The trauma we endure in these relationships stays in our body and leaves an imprint. If the trauma goes untreated, we attract another toxic relationship and the cycle continues. That is why we need to clear the energetic imprint and heal the trauma at the root, so we are no longer a match for abusive people. 

We offer individual coaching, group support, and a one-of-a- kind toxic relationship recovery program that will transform your life. 

Are you ready?  

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